54 New Peace Corps Volunteers Sworn-in

54 new Peace Corps volunteers sworn-in (Photo US Embassy)
Ambassador James Zumwalt (Photo US Embassy)
Ambassador James Zumwalt (Photo US Embassy)

54 new Peace Corps Volunteers were sworn-in on Friday, December 4, 2015 by the U.S. Ambassador to Senegal James Zumwalt.  Also present was the Deputy Secretary General of the Republic Oumar Samba Bâ and Peace Corps Senegal Director Cheryl Gregory Faye.

The ceremony marks the beginning of the transition from intern to Peace Corps volunteer where they will spend two years on official missions working across Senegal in agriculture and agroforestry.

Peace Corps Senegal currently has 233 volunteers across different regions of Senegal. They work on community health, economic development, urban agriculture and agroforestry.  These areas were determined by the government of Senegal and the communities in which the volunteers serve.

The Peace Corps has been in Senegal since 1963.