Ambassador Tulinabo Mushingi Remarks – DTRA Ribbon Cutting Event, HEOC Fann Hospital – Dakar

Ambassador Tulinabo Mushingi Remarks
DTRA Ribbon Cutting Event
HEOC Fann Hospital – Dakar
Mercredi 21 février 2018

(As prepared)


President of the Republic of Senegal,
Minister Sarr,
Officials of the Government of Senegal,
Valued partners and guests,
Good morning.

What an honor to be here with you today at the opening of this beautiful Public Health Emergency Operations Center!  The construction of this facility illustrates the United States Goverment’s deep and enduring partnership with Senegal.

The United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has partnered with the Senegalese Ministry of Health since 2014 as a result of the Ebola outbreak.  DTRA works closely with numerous interagency partners such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and has built a great relationship with your Ministry to address areas of the Global Health Security Agenda.  To date, they have supported several training events and exercises to further develop expertise.  They are also working on construction and renovation projects to improve the Health laboratory network.  Today’s event marks the completion of our first major construction project undertaken together.

I am proud that the people of the United States have invested nearly two billion FCFA ($3.6 million) to set up this modern facility, which will allow your Centre des Operations d’urgences Sanitaires to communicate and coordinate activities in response to dangerous outbreaks.

The ongoing cooperation between the United States and Senegal to improve biosafety and biosecurity capabilities is an excellent example our two nations cooperating towards a shared goal.  In the 21st century, with increased travel and globalization, a biosecurity lapse in one country can become an immediate threat to the health and economy of others.  The need for continued collaboration, teamwork and international cooperation in this arena is critical.

I would like to thank the Ministry of Health, our partners and the Centre des Operations for their commitment and dedication to making this facility a reality.  It serves as a symbol of the deep friendship between the American and Senegalese people, working together to build a safe and prosperous world for our people.

Thank you very much.