Ambassador’s Self-Help Program, Diokoul Mbelbouck Secondary School – Project Visit – Dioukoul Mbelbouck, Kaffrine

Asalamu Alekum, Mbooloomi !  (AS-ah-lah-moo ah-LAY-koom, mboh-loh-MI!)

Sara Samuel Dione, Director of the Diokoul,

Mbelbouck Secondary School,

Mbokki Dioukoul Mbelbouck!  (mboh-KEY Jokul Mbelbuk!)

(English translation: Jokul Mbelbuk community)

Mangi leen di nuyu, ku ci nekk ci sa tuur ak sa sante !  (mahn-GEE lenn DEE noo-you, koo si neck see sah tour ak sa sant !)

(English translation: Greetings to you all)

Thank you for the warm welcome.  It is a great pleasure for me to visit this solar project at the Diokoul Mbelbouck Secondary School in Kaffrine.  This is an opportunity to celebrate our partnership with the Parents’ Association to bring solar electricity to this school.

In my travels around Senegal, I have noticed that parents have shown a strong commitment to improving their children’s educational opportunities.

The Ambassador’s Self-Help Program supports local and community-based initiatives across Senegal.  This program partners with community groups, cooperatives, associations, and village committees to develop projects that respond to community needs and provide tangible benefits.

The Parents’ Association of Diokoul Mbelbouck is one of the organizations that captured interest thanks to your motivation and initiative to improve educational facilities in Dioukoul Mbelbouck. With assistance from the Self-Help Fund, the Parents Association of Diokoul Mbelbouck has undertaken this important project that will provide electricity to improve the learning environment in this school.  This is the first time that the Self Help Program has supported a project to provide solar electricity to a school.  In addition to providing light for students to study in the evenings, this project has enabled the school to provide information technology training that benefits the entire community.

I want to congratulate the Parents’ Association of Diokoul Mbelbouck Secondary School for taking the initiative to develop and complete this project.  By improving the learning environment in this school, this project can provide a lasting, positive impact on students, teachers, and their community.  I wish you great success in your future endeavors.

Gaccé ngaalaama yeen / wa Diokoul Mbelbouck!  (gah-CHEH ngah-lah-mah yehn / Jokul Mbelbuk)

(English translation : Credit to you all for your wonderful achievement)

Jeureujeuf  !    Wasalaam  !    (jeh-REH jeff !  wah-sah-LAHM !)