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The Department of State offers numerous tools for U.S. businesses and Senegal businesses investing in the United States. These resources provide broad overviews of Senegal’s key business and economic conditions to help you make the most informed business decisions. Please contact the U.S. embassy’s economic and commercial team for any assistance at DakarEcon-Com@state.gov. The following provide resources and guidance to get started.

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Route des Almadies
Dakar, Senegal
Telephone: (221) 33-879-4000
E-mail: DakarEcon-Com@state.gov


Contact Information and Links for Assistance:

  • Contact your local U.S. Export Assistance Center for advice and support on exporting to Senegal. Contact a Trade Specialist Near You 
  • Contact your local Small Business Development Center (SBDCs) Starting a business can be a challenge, but there is help for you in your area. Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) are partnerships primarily between the government and colleges/universities administered by the Small Business Administration and aims at giving educational services for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Contact in-country business support organizations. Make use of business matchmaking services: Whether you’re looking to make your first export sale or expand your business in this market, we offer the trade counseling market intelligence business matchmaking  and commercial diplomacy  you need to connect with lucrative business opportunities.

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