Closing and Certificates to Conclude the FBI and DOJ OPDAT Post Blast Investigations and Crime Scene Management Training

Participants and Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good Afternoon

Thank you for inviting me today to the successful completion of the FBI Post Blast Investigation and Evidence Collection Training held here at the National Police Training Academy as a part of FLINTLOCK 2016.

Senegal is one of our strongest regional security partners and we greatly appreciate our collaborative relationship over the years in fighting those who threaten our peace.  As we carry out military actions, professional law enforcement and prosecutions, we experience the value of this partnership.  I congratulate each of you for completing this course successfully.  I also commend your agencies for their dedication and commitment to this endeavor.

Terrorism no longer recognizes borders.  You each stand as the frontline to confronting that threat. It is our hope that you will never have to deploy in Senegal the skills you have learned these two weeks.  But if that unfortunate day touches your shores, this training will help you prepare.  While this training focused on the reactive response to a terrorist act, the participation of so many different agencies reinforces interagency collaboration in preventing acts of terrorism.

Senegal, like the United States and other African partners faces many challenges to a secure and prosperous future.  However, by working together, we create a network of relationships and partnerships that make us stronger.  So, I encourage you to continue to nurture the relationships that you have built over the past two weeks.  As we do our work of protecting our countries from outside threats, we can learn from each other.  We can adapt best practices to fit our own specific needs.

I would like to thank the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in collaboration with the Department of Justice and the Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program as well as the other U.S. Government partners, for providing this course.

I would like to thank you all for your commitment to law and justice.  We are aware that you have many demands on your time.  We hope that this course will enhance interagency cooperation and strengthen the region through information sharing and capacity building.