Student Exchange Programs

The Cultural Affairs Office selects Senegalese participants for academic exchange programs sponsored by the United States Government under the Fulbright Program. Under the African Senior Research Scholar program, university professors can pursue research projects at American universities or comparable institutions. In the Junior Staff Development program, younger scholars can study for an advanced degree (M.A. or Ph.D) at an American university. The Hubert H. Humphrey North-South Fellowship enables Senegalese to combine academic work (but not towards a degree) with a practical internship. These programs are highly competitive, both within Senegal, and between Senegal and citizens of other eligible countries.

The Cultural Affairs Office also supports American scholars and researchers at Senegalese institutions under the auspices of the Fulbright Researcher Program. The Section assists unaffiliated American scholars with their inquiries about Senegal.

The Cultural Affairs Office organizes special study tours of the United States through the International Visitor and Young African Leader programs. These tours last from three to four weeks, and provide official guests with a chance to exchange views with American peers.