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October 5, 2023

Electricity Sector Roadmap Review

Monsieur le Président du Conseil de Surveillance de MCA-Senegal II,

Monsieur le Directeur général de MCA-Sénégal II, et du MCA Sénégal II

Chers collègues et partenaires du secteur de l’électricité au Senegal

Mesdames, Messieurs.


I am delighted to join you for this year’s Annual Review of the Electricity Sector Roadmap to 2035, a key milestone of the MCC Senegal Power Compact.

The United States’ strategic partnership with Senegal stretches back to 1960.

And, throughout this period, the friendship between the Senegalese and American governments and our people has paid dividends for both our nations.

We have worked together to promote peace and security, strengthen public health, and improve educational outcomes for the Senegalese people.

And, for over sixty years, together, we have created relationships and economic linkages that have brought us to the successful partnership we enjoy today.

The $550 million the American government is providing for the MCC Senegal Power Compact, is an important chapter in our partnership.

The ambitious nature of the five-year compact and the hard work and collaboration required by our two governments for successful implementation reflect our mutual, unwavering commitment to reduce poverty in Senegal through sustainable economic growth.

And I am immensely proud to be a part of that effort today.

I want to congratulate the Government of Senegal, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, MCA-Senegal II, and our partners in the electricity sector for the truly impressive progress on compact implementation to date.

With the third year of compact implementation now started, an effective transition from detailed designs and studies to the launch of large works and the full implementation of key reforms will be critical.

As you know, the Electricity Sector Roadmap was developed with funding support from MCC in collaboration with the Government of Senegal.

Through the Roadmap, the Government and the Ministry have committed to transformational reforms of the Senegalese electricity sector.

The actions outlined in the Roadmap, once fully implemented, will ensure greater sustainability of large-scale investments in Senegal’s electricity sector, including those of the MCC Compact, other donors, and the Government of Senegal.

A reliable, sustainable and well-functioning electricity sector is an important catalyst to Senegal’s development.

It will allow businesses to grow, increase productivity and private sector investment in Senegal, and ultimately support diversification and growth of the economy.

It is an honor to join this workshop with Minister Gladima and all of you leaders and innovators who are working to transform the electricity sector in support of our mutual goal of increasing economic opportunities for millions of Senegalese.

We trust this annual review will enable a fruitful exchange of ideas, refinement of strategies, and sharing of best practices that will ensure the continued success of the implementation of the Roadmap to 2035.

And we are grateful to have such dedicated partners on this initiative.

I especially want to recognize your efforts, Madame Minister, and the significant collaboration across the teams at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Senelec, and CRSE, in addition to the extensive effort of MCA-Senegal II under the direction of CEO Oumar Diop and Board Chair Diatourou Ndiaye.

We will continue to depend on your leadership as you implement key reforms so that the people and businesses of this country can fully realize the benefits of an improved, expanded, and well-governed electricity sector.

In closing, on behalf of the American people, I want to wish you success, and to assure you of the commitment of the U.S. Government and Millennium Challenge Corporation to work with you on the implementation of this Roadmap to shape a brighter future for the Senegalese people.

Nio Far.