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The purpose of this solicitation is to provide mobile banking services to the American Embassy in Dakar in accordance with the performance work statement. The contractor shall establish cash payment services to facilitate the transfer of funds to mobile phone numbers in Senegal, Africa, and other areas of the world.

Anticipated performance is for one (01) base period of twelve months, and four (04) one-year periods at the option of the US Government. All responsible sources may submit a proposal, which shall be considered.

If you are interested to get the solicitation, kindly contact



Offer submission deadline is February 28, 2022 – noon, GMT (Dakar Time).

Bonjour Chers Partenaires,

L’Ambassade des Etats Unis a Dakar souhaiterait recevoir votre meilleure offre pour les services ci-dessous :

  • Hebergement
  • 40 Chambres du 6 au 10 Fevrier
  • Enregistrement anticipe pour 8 personnes (Check-in le 6 a midi), le reste (32) de la delegation arrivera dans l’apres-midi du 6 fevrier.
  • Petit-dejeuner, Dejeuner et diner inclus
  • Une bouteille d’eau dans les chambres, tous les jours


  • Salles de Conference
  • Deux salles de Conference amenagees du 6 au 10 Fevrier
  • Une salle pouvant contenir 80 personnes et une autre salle  pouvant contenir 40 personnes, disposition en U.
  • Les salles doivent etre pretes le matin a 8h
  • Salles dotees de Visioconference, Video-projecteurs, Wifi de haute qualite, Micros individuels, Cables HDMI de 15m, Rallonges supplementaires, Signaletiques pour lieu de reunion
  • Disposition des salles en U – Distanciation  entre deux personnes : 2 chaises dans la grande salle,  et une chaise dans la petite salle
  • Une bouteille d’eau le matin et le soir dans chaque salle, blocs notes, stylos, masques, gels hyroalcoolique, durant tout le sejour


  • Restauration
  • Buffet pour le dejeuner et le diner avec serveurs, eau, boissons non alcoolisees, jus de fruits locaux inclus
  • Pause-Café Matin et Soir (Sales, Sucres, eau, boissons) avec serveurs
  • Distanciation Soiale
  • Respect de l’heure de la pause-café selon l’agenda.


Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous faire parvenir votre offre par mail a au plus tard le lundi 31 janvier 2022 a 10 heures precises. Merci d’inclure dans l’offre les mesures d’attenuation prises par l’hotel pour le Covid 19.

American Embassy Dakar
Route des Almadies BP:49
Dakar Senegal
Dear Prospective Quoter,

SUBJECT: Solicitation Number 19SG2022Q0006 for the acquisition of one consolidated leased line
and another redundant second ISP
The Embassy of the United States of America invites you to submit your best offer for the acquisition of
one consolidated leased line and another (second) ISP. To ensure redundancy of the service, note that
this solicitation is intended to result in the award of two contracts from two different service
Your offer (one technical and one financial volume) must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked
“Quotation Enclosed” to:
GSO/Procurement section
Attn.: Contracting Officer
American Embassy Dakar
Route des Almadies
Dakar – Senegal
Or via this electronic email address on or before February 21, 2022, at 12:00
(local time).
No quotations will be accepted after this time.


Solicitation Announcement




This solicitation is meant to provide Health Insurance Coverage services to US Embassy locally employed staff in Dakar.

The contractor shall furnish managerial, administrative, and direct labor personnel to accomplish all services as required in the contract.

Anticipated performance is for one (01) base period of twelve months, and four (04) one-year periods at the option of the US Government. All responsible sources may submit a proposal, which shall be considered.

For complete details regarding this requirement, please go to and search for solicitation number 19SG2022R0002 to download the solicitation package.

You will need to check this website periodically for updates.

The Embassy intends to conduct a virtual Pre-proposal conference to discuss the requirements of this solicitation on January 27, 2022 at 10.00. If you are interested to attend, contact no later than January 25, 2022, to register.

Offer submission deadline is February 22, 2022 – noon, GMT (Dakar Time).

Notice to Potential Bidders for Open solicitations for products and services for the U.S. Mission in Senegal:

The American Embassy Dakar, General Services Office (GSO) contracting and procurement, seek to enter into contracts with qualified reliable firms with sufficient resources , financing and work experience for delivering and performing a variety of commodities and services.

In order for a company to be considered for Embassy contracts, the company shall be able to meet, satisfy, understand and comply with the requirements in the solicitations.

Small, medium and large companies:

For those of you who are responsible offerors, with permits and licenses to do business in Senegal and interested in offering your services, supplies and/or goods/items to the U.S. Embassy in Senegal, please submit your DUNS number (see below), name, title, company name, complete address, telephone number, cell phone number, email address and a brief description of the services, supplies and/or goods/items your company is offering.

Also, if available, please provide a link to your company’s website.  Send this information to the following email address

Interested companies must obtain a “Contractor Identification Number” and register in the “Data Universal Numbering System” (DUNS) at

SAM registration is required for all actions in excess of $25,000 for local firms and $3,500 for US firms prior to award pursuant to FAR provision 52.204-7. Prospective offerors are encouraged to register prior to the submittal of quotations/proposals at the System for Award Management website

There will be 02 Solicitation issuance methods depending on the contract value:

  • Electronic distribution through the Federal business Opportunities website at
  • Electronic distribution through the U.S Embassy website

You can visit the Department of State / Office of the Procurement Executive website.

IMPORTANT !!  Instructions for Timely Payment of your Invoices

Dear Valued Vendor,

To improve the efficiency of this process, we are starting to phase out paper-based invoicing and therefore ask you to send your invoices to us  ELECTRONICALLY directly via

What needs to be on your invoices?

One of the opportunity areas that we need to focus on and where we need your support with is ensuring the completeness and quality of invoices that we receive, so that we can avoid inefficiencies and ensure that timely payments are made to you.

  • The invoice and supporting document MUST be readable
  • The invoice MUST NOT be dated before the delivery of goods or services
  • The Invoice MUST not be a duplicate (double submission)
  • The Invoice MUST have a number
  • The Invoice/document MUST HAVE A REFERENCE to a valid Purchase Order Reference
  • YOUR complete/registered bank details
  • The Invoice/document must state the total value and currency

Upon receipt of a proper invoice, payment will be made within 30 days.
Hard copies are no longer accepted expect for local vendors only for the VAT exemption certificate
We thank you for your support and look forward to a more efficient and productive business relationship with you!

Respectfully Yours,