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How to Obtain a Residence Permit in Senegal
February 18, 2018

Senegalese Residency Permit

  1. Letter in French directed to the Minister of the Interior: Letter should specify that it is a residency application. It should be signed and should include a phone number.
  2. Three (3) passport-size photos.
  3. A copy of your Birth certificate certified by a local gendarmerie, OR an ‘’Attestation Tenant Lieu de Bulletin de Naissance’’ provided by the Consular section, which costs $50 or CFA equivalent. You can schedule a notary appointment for this document here.
  4. Criminal record from your country of origin OR an ‘’Attestation de Casier Judiciaire’’ provided by the Consular section, which costs $50 or CFA equivalent. You can schedule a notary appointment for this document here.
  5. Copies of the first five (5) pages of your passport. Please make sure the entry stamp to Senegal is copied.
  6. Stamp of 15,000 CFA (around 25 USD): You can buy the stamps at a local Post Office or from the street vendors outside of the Police des Etrangers (Foreign Police). They usually add a margin (around 1000 CFA – 1.7 USD)
  7. If you plan to work in Senegal – Work contract of one (1) year legalized by Senegal Labor Inspection (Inspection du Travail) located in Plateau, next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs OR company statute (Articles of Association) OR a letter of employment provided by your company. Tradespeople can provide their register NINEA import-export merchant card.
  8. Certificate of Residence OR Letter of Accommodation from the person who is lodging you (Attestation de Prise en Charge et Lettre d’Hébergement)
  9. Medical certificate from a local General Practitioner: There is a list of local practitioners who can provide the certificate. It should cost around 20.000 CFA (about 34 USD).
  10. Copy of the repatriation bond:
  • After submitting all of the above to the Police des Etrangers, located at Allées Ababacar Sy, next to the Commissariat de Police de Dieuppeul, Tel: (221) 33 869 30 01, you should receive an “Etat des Cautionnements” (deposit) with an amount written on it.
  • It will cost around 130.000 CFA (221 USD) for US citizens. Please note that this amount is not fixed.
  • Make 3 copies of this document, then submit them to the Caisse des Dépôts et des Consignations, located on the VDN Sicap Amitié 3 (next to SUMA) -Tel: +221 33 859 23 47 + Stamp Fees of 200 CFA (less than a dollar). Please make sure you have coins on you.
  • You should then receive a Quittance. Make sure you keep the original Quittance if you would like to collect the deposit back when you leave the country.
  • Submit a copy of the Quittance to the Police des Etrangers.
  • You should receive a file number.

Important notes:

  • A temporary residency permit should be issued by the Police des Etrangers within 2 to 3 months.
  • Please note that you will have to go to the Police des Etrangers to check on whether the residency permit has been issued. They will not contact you.
  • You must renew the temporary residency paper with a stamp from the Police des Etrangers every 6 months until the card is available (usually this takes between a year and a year and a half).