Kafory Community Meeting Closing

Mr. le Chef du Village de Kafory,

Mr. le Maire de la Commune de Dimboli,

Mr. le Président du Groupe de Travail Citoyen,

Mme. la Présidente du Groupement Kawral,

Mesdames les Membres des Groupes Debbo Galle et Kawral,

Chers citoyens de Kafory et Yaajeende partners,

Thank you for receiving me today.

The U.S. Government is committed to partnering with countries such as Senegal, to enhance food security. That is why it is such a pleasure for me today to meet a community that is dedicated to working together to achieve food security.

The Debbo Galle and Kawral Groups showed me the important role that women play in this effort, growing nutritious foods, raising livestock, and taking care to ensure their children get the best nutrition possible.

I also saw here in Kafory a community united in supporting women’s empowerment and access to resources. We cannot eliminate malnutrition without the full participation of both men and women.

I am very impressed by how commune and village authorities are working together with civil society leaders and private sector actors to implement practical solutions and plan for the future. Thank you, Mr. Mayor of Dimboli and Mr. President of the Citizen Working Group (Groupe de Travail Citoyen) for sharing your successes, your upcoming activities, and your commitment to ending malnutrition.

And finally, thank you, Mr. le Chef du Village de Kafory, for welcoming me into your home and your community, and for all of the support and leadership you have offered to the project and your community.

When my colleagues at USAID discuss how to improve food security and nutrition around the world, they often talk about Yaajeende and the work that you do. Yaajeende is known as a success and a model that others should replicate. We are very proud to support you in this effort.

Thank you very much.