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MCA-Senegal II Inaugural Board of Directors – Speech by Ambassador Mushingi
January 30, 2020

Speech by Ambassador Mushingi
Ambassador Mushingi

Speech by Ambassador Mushingi
MCA-Senegal II Inaugural Board of Directors
Radisson Blu

Thursday, January 30, 2019

(As prepred)

Monsieur Le Ministre d’Etat,  Secrétaire General de la Présidence de la République du Senegal
Monsieur le Ministre des Finances et du Budget
Monsieur le Ministre  des Affaires Etrangères et des Sénégalais de l’Extérieur
Monsieur le Ministre du Pétrole et des Energies
Monsieur le Ministre de l’Economie, du Plan et de la Coopération
Monsieur le Ministre de l’Environnent et du Développement Durable
Messieurs les Ministres, Représentants du Gouvernement, membres du Conseil de Surveillance de MCA-Senegal 2,
Son Excellence, Monsieur l’Ambassadeur des Etats Unis au Senegal
Madame la Représentante de la Société Civile, membre du Conseil de Surveillance de MCA-Senegal 2,
Messieurs les Représentants du Secteur Privé, membres du Conseil de Surveillance de MCA Senegal 2,
Madame le Coordinateur du l’UFC-MCA Senegal 2
Madame la Représentante Résidente du MCC au Senegal 2
Chers collègues du MCC et du l’UFC-MCA Senegal 2


Bonjour, Assalamaleikhour, mbaldo….

I extend my sincerest congratulations to you all on the creation of MCA-Senegal 2 and its Board of Directors. It is a great pleasure for me to be a part of the inaugural board meeting with Secretaire General Dionne, MCC Vice President Jeanne Hauch and all of you – the senior decision-makers, who will provide vision and oversight over the next six years to this important endeavour of our two governments. The MCC Compact, a grant from the US Government, is a strategic investment d’un montant de 320 milliards de francs CFA, auxquels se rajoutent 30 milliards du Gouvernement du Sénégal, axé sur le secteur l’énergie du Senegal.

Senegal is an important partner to the United States. This year, we celebrate 60 years of diplomatic ties and economic partnership. The MCC Compact is an embodiment of this partnership.

Our two governments created this comprehensive program. A program that will not only invest in large-scale electricity infrastructure in Dakar and the central and southern regions of Senegal but also in the necessary institutional reform in governance, regulation and operations, both in urban and rural settings, to ensure a sustainable and modern electricity sector today and in the future for the businesses and citizens – the heartbeat – of Senegal.

I want to recognize the great efforts to date of the Government of Senegal, under the leadership of President Sall, SG Dionne, the line Ministers, the National Coordinator and her team for their unyielding dedication. As noted by MCC Vice President Hauch, this board meeting is a foundational milestone towards the compact’s entry into force, scheduled for later in 2020.  There will be other challenging milestones to complete to enter into force, including le recrutement du DG du MCA Senegal 2 et des membres clef de son équipe et aussi des conditions préalable liée à la réforme du secteur.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am confident that this Board brings the deep knowledge, commitment and wisdom necessary to meet the challenges that may arise, to ensure the success of the program, and ultimately to reduce poverty through economic growth in Senegal.

In closing, on behalf of the American people, I wish you success and assure the commitment of the US Government and MCC to work in partnership to achieve these results.

Like the saying goes in Wolof “Mbooloo mooy doole” – there is strength in unity. [Or Lu kenn mën, ñaar a ko ko dàq.” – what one person can do, two can do better.]

Nioo Faar.