Naatal Mbay close-out, Remarks DCM Martina Boustani, May 15, 2019

DCM Martina Boustani
Naatal Mbay close-out
May 15, 2019

(As prepared)


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Guests:

I am very happy to be here today to participate in the official closing ceremony of the Feed the Future Senegal Naatal Mbay Project.

Launched in 2015, Naatal Mbay, which was financed by the U.S. Agency for International Development, aimed to improve the food security and incomes of the most vulnerable households living in the project’s area of ​​influence.

It was part of the agricultural component of the Plan Senegal Emergent – the Program of Recovery and Acceleration of the Senegalese Agricultural Cycle, or PRACAS – focusing on the development of the grain sector through a value chain approach.

Naatal Mbay has been one of the flagship projects in the Feed the Future portfolio in Senegal.

It has focused on partnership and facilitation.

And it has produced some impressive results. Annual revenues in households in the areas where Naatal Mbay worked increased by nearly 600,000 FCFA per year. And the lean season was reduced by more than a month.

But it also did a lot more than that. Since 2015, Naatal Mbay has strengthened institutions and partner networks.

It has helped small holders access certified seeds.

And it has improved productivity by supporting farmers to produce more, and get their goods to market.

Through Naatal Mbay, farmers now have access to seasonal forecasts, weather warnings, and rainfall records, helping them adapt to environmental change.

Small producers have increased access to agricultural insurance and agricultural credits, protecting their investments.

And producers have access to new, better and more accessible financing, helping them manage risks and access new markets.

But perhaps most importantly, Naatal Mbay helped create a framework for sustainable business development in the agri-food sector by developing public-private partnerships, improving infrastructure, and introducing modern monitoring systems.

Through the partnership of the United States Government, the Government of Senegal, and sector partners, we have had a real and concrete impact.

However, much remains to be done to meet the increasingly pressing demands of a growing country and a growing economy.

I know our Senegalese partners will continue the work accomplished by capitalizing on what has been achieved and expand activities across the country.

Together, we can build on the successes of Naatal Mbay, and continue to ensure Senegal and its people are able to grow and prosper.

Thank you.