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Civic Engagement and Volunteerism for Alumni of U.S. Exchange Programs

Cher Monsieur le Directeur du Centre Culturel, Cher Monsieur le Coordinateur de l’American Corner, Chers étudiants, Good afternoon.  I thank the Cultural Center Director and the American Corner Coordinator for hosting this meeting.  I would also like to thank the alumni of U.S. Government exchange programs in Thiès for coming to meet me today.  Exchange ...
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African American History Month: Guest Speaker Sheldon Austin Discusses Organization of Civic Movements

The U.S. Embassy in Dakar organized an event on “Grass-Roots Organizing and Participation in the Political Process” on Friday, February 27 at the West African Research Center (WARC) in the Fann Résidence neighborhood of Dakar, as part of its observations of African-American History Month (celebrated during the entire month of February). Visiting U.S. speaker Sheldon ...
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Opening Remarks, African American Month West Africa Research Center, Dakar

Monsieur le Directeur du WARC, Chers invités, Chers étudiants, It is a real pleasure to be with you today here at the West Africa Research Center.  We appreciate the major role that WARC has played in advancing the U.S.-Senegalese relationship through research and scholarly conferences.  The Center — and Director Ousmane Sène — are our ...
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