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December 18, 2023

NIH-purchased laboratory equipment for L'Institut de Recherche en Santé,

It was very interesting not only to see the important research infrastructure that has been developed, including the new equipment, but also the caliber of the researchers that I have been able to meet.

The day-to-day research that’s being conducted here may not be visible or on our daily radar, but it’s part of the backbone of the tools that we have within the country to detect, prevent, and respond to disease outbreaks.

COVID-19 has removed any doubt about the importance of biomedical research and its importance in a country’s ability to respond to disease outbreaks.

COVID-19 has also shown us that the world is definitely a small village.

Diseases do not respect borders.  Diseases that affect Americans, or people in any other country, can equally affect Senegalese.

The U.S. government is committed to supporting research such as the work that IRESSEF is accomplishing here.


Today, I came to see the research support that the United States National Institutes for Health is providing.  Our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, also has ongoing collaboration with IRESSEF.


These are the two U.S. health agencies that are present in Senegal and who are both collaborating with IRESSEF, underscoring our commitment to this relationship, to joint biomedical research, and to global health security.


Thank you.