Porokhane Health Center – Porokhane, Kaolack

Asalamu Alekum!

Mr. Mayor of Porokhane,

Mr. Chief Nurse of the Porokhane Health Center

Mr. President of the Health Committee of Porokhane,

Greetings to the Community of Porokhane 

Thank you very much for the warm welcome.  I am delighted to be here today to visit the community of Porokhane and inaugurate this Community Health Center project.

This is my first visit to the Kaolack region.  I have been very impressed with the beautiful farmland and many different agricultural programs that I have visited.  Yesterday, I visited a seed lab that the U.S. government is supporting to develop better seeds for farmers across this region.

This morning, I visited a USAID project that is working with farmers to help increase productivity and access to markets for corn.  I also had the pleasure of meeting with several Peace Corps Volunteers who work closely with local communities.

This afternoon in Porokhane, we are celebrating another U.S. partnership with local communities.  Through the Ambassador’s Special-Self Help Fund, the U.S. Government works with communities across Senegal to fund small community-based projects.  We have been working for many years with community groups to support schools, health centers, income-generation activities and other community projects.

One of the great things about our Self-Help program is that it enables us to work directly with community-based organizations to focus on the most pressing priorities.  In this way, we hope to support the initiative and hard work of community groups who develop and implement these projects.

We are pleased to partner with the Porokhane Health Center to improve the health center resources for the people of Porokhane.  Through the Self-Help Fund, the U.S. government financed the purchase of hospital beds, mattresses, a gynecology table, an examination table, an otoscope and a blood pressure monitor.

I would like to congratulate the Porokhane Health Committee, the Mayor of Porokhane and the Porokhane Health Center for taking the initiative to improve the quality of health care services for your community. I wish you great success in building on this achievement and continuing your efforts to advance this community.

Albaraka!  (thank you)