U.S. Ambassador’s Self Help Program Supports Communities

U.S. Ambassador James Zumwalt awarded six grants on September 27, to six community groups across Senegal through the Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program.

The grants will help with the construction of a social center for handicapped people in Dakar; income generating activities in Kaffrine, Louga, and Ziguinchor; a school classroom in St. Louis; and malaria awareness and prevention work in Thies.

“This year’s projects include the purchase of health hut equipment, cereal processing and grinding machines, the construction of classrooms, latrines and community meeting spaces,” said Ambassador Zumwalt while awarding the grants. “By providing funding to small community-based projects, the U.S. Government aims to enable economic autonomy and social well-being.”

Launched in 1964, the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program has become one of the most successful grass-roots development assistance tools in Africa. This innovative program gives U.S. Ambassadors and Mission staff the ability and resources to support small sustainable community-based initiatives that have an immediate and dramatic impact on local communities.

The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program in Senegal supports small-scale activities that promote self-reliance and fosters development through innovative community-led projects.