“Senegalese Women: A Challenge to Strife” Film Screening In Honor of Women’s History Month

Good evening. Thank you for joining us this evening for a screening of “Senegalese Women: A Challenge to Strife.” This screening is part of our Women’s History Month programming.

This wonderful film documents the contributions of Senegalese women to the social stability and economic development of their country. Each has overcome adversity to make a positive contribution.

I would like to thank the director, Ed Nef, and his crew for their work on the film and allowing us to organize its Senegalese premiere.

I would also like to recognize many of you in the audience today who collaborated with Mr. Nef in the making of this film.

At the end of this evening’s film, Marie Angelique Savane will lead a brief discussion. I think that most of you already know Marie Angelique for her well-known commitment to advancing the cause of women in Senegal.

I have been deeply impressed with her work and the work of many other Senegalese to advance the status of women and girls.

The U.S. Embassy and the U.S. government want to be your partners. I hope that tonight’s film and discussion will further our cooperation.

Before we start the film, I would like to leave you with the words of Secretary.

“Tapping the power and potential of women is essential to addressing the global challenges we face. The proof is out there. When women and girls have access to education, health care and jobs, their families and communities are more productive and stable.”

Thank you and enjoy the film.