Thirty Budding Journalists from The Nioro Community Get Schooled on Social Media and Community Activism

Officials at the opening ceremony (US Embassy photo)
A recipient (US Embassy photo)
A recipient (US Embassy photo)

The United States Embassy of Senegal and the Center for the Study of Science, Technology and Information (CESTI) organized a training from October 29-31, 2015, on the use of social media to propel local activism and involvement.   Thirty students from the villages of Kaymor, Dabaly and Kabacoto took part in the three-day training which took place in Kabacoto.
The opening ceremony was attended by the sous-préfets of Médina Sabakh and Paos Koto, and the mayors and chiefs of the local villages, the press attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Marie Blanchard, and a representative of CESTI, Director Bernadette Sonko.

The training was aimed at providing aspiring journalists with tools to better understand and use the internet in their communities.  They worked on creating blogs, writing for websites, learning how to strengthen research capabilities, and received a lecture on cyber security.  The trainers also discussed ethics and morals on the internet.

In her opening remarks, Marie Blanchard emphasized that the reason the training was funded by the U.S. Embassy was to give the youth better tools to use new media in different domains, principally to help sustain the development of their local communities.

The training allowed participants to gain new resources and strategic training on social media opportunities and provide better interaction between communities.  Each participant created a blog in their area of interest and CESTI will follow their development over the coming months.