Turnover Ceremony of Patrol Crafts to the Senegalese Navy

General Sow,

Admiral Cissoko,

Officers and guests

Thank you for coming here to mark another example of our of security cooperation.  Today, the United States, through U.S. Africa Command’s Counter-Narcotics division, is delivering two 38-foot Metal Shark patrol craft that will provide maritime security along Senegal’s northern border.

One apt Wolof proverb for this ocassion is ñit, nitay garabam [NEET, nee-TAY gaara-BOM] [People are the remedy for people — or in other words, no man is an island and we are all interdependent].  We stand together with Senegal.  We share the same strategic need to stop illicit activity on the Senegal.  We are pleased to play this small role in helping you secure your borders.

In an increasingly interconnected, global world, we must work together to face all threats – both domestic and international. These include drug trafficking, illegal fishing and, stopping terrorists.

For the last two weeks, U.S. experts have been training closely with Senegalese sailors on these patrol crafts.  We look forward to further cooperation with the Senegal Navy whose expertise of the geography of Senegal’s northern border is second to none.

Today marks an important example of our strong cooperative military partnership and our growing security relationship.  I look forward to continuing this cooperation and to hearing how these craft help improve security along the border.