Current Fees

All fees for consular services must be paid in full at the time of service in either USD or the equivalent CFA (Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards or check. Please be prepared to pay in cash). The fees can be paid in cash only. The exchange rate is set weekly by U.S. Embassy Dakar. Clients paying fees in CFA may face a rate slightly less favorable than the market exchange rate.  The Consular cashier will provide you with the weekly CFA rate at the time of payment. The Consular Cashier is open for American Citizen Services Monday through Thursday from 12:30pm-3:00pm.

Note: The U.S. Embassy Dakar can no longer accept bills dated before 2006.

Current rates for Consular Services

Service Fee
Adult First Time Passport (issuance + execution fee) $145
First-time Adult Passport Book & Card $175
Adult Renewal Passport (issuance fee) $110
Adult Passport Book & Card $140
Replacement for a Lost or Stolen Passport $115
Minor Passport (issuance + execution fee) $115
Minor Passport Book & Card $130
Consular Report of Birth abroad (CRBA) $100
Notarized Documents $50
Each Additional Notarized copy of Same Document $50
Certified Copy $50
Each Additional Certified Copy of Same Document $50
Each Additional Certified Copy of record $50