U.S. Embassy Announces Interview Waiver Program for Qualifying Visa Renewals

As part of the Consular Section’s continuing efforts to improve customer service and to streamline the visa process, the U.S. Mission is pleased to announce the implementation of the Interview Waiver Program in Senegal for certain qualified applicants wishing to renew their U.S. visas. Beginning January 1, 2016, Senegalese citizens who meet all qualifications and wish to renew their visas within 12 months of the date of expiration will no longer be required to make an appointment for a visa application interview with a Consular Officer.

If qualified, applicants only need to fill out the visa application form, print out the completed DS-160, pay the visa application fee, and drop off all necessary documents at the U.S. Embassy Consular Section any Thursday from 3-4pm. Applicants with visas issued before January 1, 2008 must come in person to the embassy to have their fingerprints retaken.

A Consular Officer will review the application packet and make a determination.  If the Consular Officer has no additional questions, the visa will be available for pick-up the following Tuesday.  If the Officer has questions about the application, a representative from the Embassy will contact the applicant to schedule an interview at the Embassy.

With the implementation of the Interview Waiver Program, Embassy Dakar seeks to make the visa application process quicker and simpler for Senegalese citizens renewing their U.S. visas.

Note:  The applicant is applying for renewal of a full validity B1/B2; F; I; J; or O visa that is still valid or expired less than a year ago. The applicant was 18 years of age or older during their last visa issuance passport and is currently residing in Senegal. The applicant has had no visa refusals since their previous visa. The applicant’s name, date and place of birth, and nationality must not have changed since the previous visa was issued. The applicant has never had any problems or difficulties with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol when attempting to enter the U.S. For the full qualifications, please see https://sn.usembassy.gov/visas/.