U.S. Government – Government of Senegal Trade Africa Memorandum of Understanding Signature Ceremony

Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Minister of Trade, Informal Sector, Local Products and the Promotion of SMEs,

Dear guests,

In recognition of Senegal’s vision and leadership role in promoting regional trade and investment liberalization the United States government invited Senegal to participate in the Trade Africa initiative.  President Obama launched the initiative during his 2013 visit to Africa to strengthen trade capacity and increase opportunity from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) which President Obama recently extended for an additional 10 years.  The Trade Africa Partnership will build on and leverage many existing programs.

Principal areas of emphasis under the partnership include strengthening the policy framework for agricultural sector growth; integrating regional trade in staple food crops and fisheries; and improving the transport of goods, capital and services across the region.

This Memorandum of Understanding commits Senegal and the United States to activities that will increase the capacity of Senegal to export to the United States.  As President Sall joins President Obama and other world leaders in Nairobi next week for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, today’s signing will clear the way for Senegal to unleash the power of the private sector to create more jobs for Senegalese citizens.

The Plan Sénégal Emergent, aims to increase regional integration, develop infrastructure, and promote private sector-led growth.  Trade Africa aligns with these goals.

I am pleased and honored to sign this Memorandum of Understanding. It is another example of the strong partnership between the United States and Senegal, one which will contribute to Senegal’s efforts to boost trade and attract investments.

Bonne fête de Korité and Eid Mubarak.