Village Pilote Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – Ambassador Tulinabo Mushingi Remarks, July 10, 2018

Remarks for Ambassador Tulinabo Mushingi
Village Pilote Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
July 10, 2018


(As prepared)

Loic Treguy and staff of Village Pilote
Community representatives
Dear children here today
Dear guests

Assalam Aleikoum
No Mbadah/ No Mbadahn
Al baherto
Nanga Def.

It is my pleasure to visit Village Pilote and in particular to meet the boys who live and study here.

Hay-lay-yi / jer-eh-jef /  see / sen / tay-why.  Am / na mbek-tay / see / ghee-seck / yen.

(Thank you, boys, for being here.  It is a pleasure to meet you).

I would like to thank Village Pilote for feeding, educating, and caring for these children every day.  I know that Village Pilote accomplishes this important task by working closely with religious figures and community members to improve the lives of vulnerable children.

This is a goal that the U.S. Embassy shares.  We engage with the Government of Senegal and partners across the country to combat forced child begging.  One way we do this is by working with organizations to help protect the vicitims of forced child begging.

One of our partners is Village Pilote.  We are proud to have supported the building of a carptentry vocational training center at Village Pilote and this impressive dormitory that you see here.  I am delighted to have the opportunity to, alongside Village Pilote, officially inaugurate the dormitory.

The construction of this dormitory will help Village Pilote provide critical services to the boys who live here and shows civil society’s commitment to helping the victims of trafficking in persons and forced child begging.

I arrived in Senegal almost one year ago.  During that time I have met with government officials and traveled around the country to better understand the issues that are affectings lives of the Senegalese.

In my discussions I have come to appreciate the critical need to combat and eradicate forced child begging, to care for the victims, to prevent future cases, and to prosecute those who exploit children and break the law.

Protecting children is a noble goal that we all share.  Accomplishing these goals will require the continued collaboration of the government, civil society organizations, and members of the community.  And the U.S. Embassy will continue to offer our assistance as a partner.

After all, loo / ken / mun / ni-yar / a  / ko / ko / dack

(“what one person can do, two can do better”).

One important partner—or partners—that I haven’t mentioned yet are the children who were the victims of trafficking and forced child begging.  They will take what they have learned at Village Pilote, and other centers, to make a better life and will positively shape the future of Senegal.

Jang / ak / ta-gat / wee /in-gen / am / fee / see / Village Pilote / dee-na / len / dim-bali / see / sen /euh-lak / tay / so-tal / say-ni / mbay-bet.  Mangee-len-di / ni-ya-nul / lee / gun / ak / dee / bek / see / sama / nio / fee.

(Boys, with the education and training that you receive here at Village Pilote, you will build a bright future and reach your dreams.  I wish you all the best and I am grateful to have had this opportunity to meet you).

Vive la Coopération entre le Peuple Américain et le Peuple Sénégalais
Own jar-ama no fay-wee
Joe-ka en-jal a pah
Merci de votre attention.
Thank you very much