Women in Science Event – DCM Martina Boustani’s Remarks , March 14, 2019 

DCM Martina Boustani
Women in Science Event
March 14, 2019 


(As prepared)

Minister of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation
Dear guests
Dear students


It is so wonderful to see so many students here.  I would like to thank Maram (Ma-rum) Kaire (Kigh-ray) and his team for organizing this event to promote women and girls in science, which the U.S. Embassy is proud to help support.

Today, you will get the chance to hear from some incredible women who have successful careers in science.

They started like you—young students with dreams and aspirations.  I hope you will be inspired by their stories of what they have accomplished.  One of the scientists you will hear from is Dr. Anne Verbiscer (Ver-bie-sher), a planetary scientist from the United States.

Dr. Verbiscer (Ver-bie-sher) is also a project scientist for the NASA New Horizons Space Mission.  Dr. Verbiscer (Ver-bie-sher) and the NASA New Horizons team visited Senegal in August to conduct stellar observations.  Dr. Verbiscer (Ver-bie-sher) and the team worked closely with Senegalese scientists on this important mission.  I am glad that Dr. Verbsicer (Ver-bie-sher) has been able to come back to Senegal and take part in this event.

Getting an education and having a successful career is not easy.  We must recognize that it can be particularly challenging for women and girls who sometimes must overcome certain social and cultural barriers, particularly when it comes to the study of the sciences.

My challenge to you is to study the fields that interest you, to set ambitious goals, and to not be discouraged or dissuaded by those who tell you cannot.

These women have broken through barriers.  They did it and you can do it too.