Yaajeende Community Meeting Closing

Mr. le Président du Réseau des Agents Prestataires des Services de Kedougou,

Mr. le Chef d’Equipe de Yaajeende,

Mr. les Agents Prestataires des Services,

Chers Membres du personnel et Partenaires de Yaajeende,

Thank you for taking me on a wonderful tour of your work in Kedougou.

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Village of Kafory in the Commune of Dimboli, where I met a community dedicated to working together to achieve food security.

I saw firsthand the important role of women, growing nutritious foods, raising livestock, and providing their children the best nutrition possible.

I also met civil society, village, and government leaders who are committed to working together to resolve challenging food security problems.

We visited of entrepreneurs who are increasing the supply of products and services essential for food security. This Expo is a wonderful example of how you all are contributing to the goal of eliminating malnutrition and poverty, and improving the lives of the citizens of Kedougou.

When my colleagues at USAID get together to discuss how to improve food security and nutrition around the world, they often talk about Yaajeende and the work that you all do. You all are developing a model that others strive to replicate, and we are very proud to support you in this effort.

Thank you very much.