Yeumbeul High School – DCM Martina Boustani Remarks, February 19, 2019 

DCM Martina Boustani Remarks
Yeumbeul High School
February 19, 2019

(As Prepared)


Director, Yeumbeul High School
Director, Social Change Factory
Teachers, staff, and parents
U-Xchange Facilitators
Dear students 

Thank you for the warm welcome.  It is a pleasure to be here with you today.
As the Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, I have had the opportunity to meet young people, like you, across the country, and I have been impressed by their level of engagement in their schools and communities.
One way that students at Yeumbeul High School have been engaged is though the U-Xchange program.

The U.S. Embassy in Dakar was proud to help fund the U-Xchange program, which offers academic training and mentorship to high school students across the country.
Senegal’s young people have the potential, the drive, and the ambition to accomplish great things.  U-Xchange is an excellent example of how the U.S. Embassy has collaborated with civil society and the education sector to help you, the Senegalese youth, realize your goals.

I would like to congratulate the team at Social Change Factory, the Yeumbeul High School director, and all involved with the U-Xchange program for your dedication to helping young people succeed.

To the U-Xchange students, my challenge to each of you is to be ambitious, to set goals, and to continue to apply the lessons you have learned to achieve success.

I wish you all the best in your studies.  Thank you for having me and now I’m happy to take any questions.

Thank you.